Dr. Gbonjubola Babalola

Dr. Gbonjubola Babalola
Consultant Psychiatrist, Managerial Psychologist, and Medical Director of Tranquil and Quest Behavioral health, Lagos.


Dr. Gbonjubola Babalola is a Fellow of the West Africa College of Physicians (WACP) , a member of Nigerian Medical Association (NMA), the Employee Assistance Professional Association (EAPA) and the American Psyhciatric Association (APA).
She has received training from the King’s College London, the University of Washington and the prestigious Harvard University, Boston USA.
Passionate about research in child and adolescent forensic, women’s mental health, and occupational mental health, Gbonjubola is a Mental Health advocate who is driven by the holistic view to health, and as such is a regular voice on various print and electronic media.
She also uses her knowledge in Psychiatry and Psychology to influence and maximize effectiveness and productivity in the workplace via the Employee Assistance Program (EAP).
She volunteers with the Adorable Foundation International (an NGO against drug abuse) and the Live-well Initiative.
She is a member of the Global Advisory Council of Joy Inc!

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