Green Ribbon Month

The Green Ribbon is the international symbol for mental health awareness, and it represents hope, strength, support, and encouragement in mental health. The Green Ribbon campaign aims to get as many people as possible talking about mental health to help end stigma and discrimination. This campaign runs through the Mental Health Awareness month which takes place in May every year. The activities designed for each year target several demographics with specially designed campaign strategies that can push the conversation about mental health to the front burner. The campaign is accompanied with the use of varying adaptations of the Green Ribbon – an international symbol for mental health awareness. Participants in the campaign are encouraged through creative approaches to take part in these activities to show commitment towards influencing positive change.

For Lagos, this call to action is further strengthened through collaborations and partnerships to ensure that investment in mental health is prioritized. It is also a time to capitalize on the resilience displayed by individuals and communities who relaunched, regenerated, and rediscovered themselves and their communities to be responsive during a time of crisis.

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