Lagos Lifeline

The Lagos Lifeline is a digital platform that provides access to mental health counselling and psychosocial support to Lagosians.
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The program involves the use of telepsychiatry, available 24hours to provide access to information, counselling services, referrals, and networking to other social intervention services available in the state.

The service was formally launched in April, 2021 by the Honourable Commissioner for Health, Prof. Akin Abayomi, but had been in operations for about 6 months prior. The number utilized for the platform is 090 9000 MIND (090 9000 6463)


Of all the mental health issues reported, substance abuse and suicidal ideation are comparatively more common than other reported mental health specific issues.

In the next phase of the Lifeline Project, the State has adopted machine learning strategies to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the service. While it would, of course, be premature to say that these platforms have “replaced” the need for one-on-one, individualized services, they certainly represent a viable pathway to care and are now an important part of the mental health landscape.

With the aid of the Ministry’s extensive access to specialists, health educators, behaviour change communication experts, and consultants, these interactions will be backed with evidence-based, sound, easy-to-understand and contextually relevant information that will encourage continuous engagement and response.

The primary target market for this approach are population-groups that have adopted mobile technology as a convenient means of communication.

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