Lagos Mind

Lagos MiND is an online interactive portal developed by the Ministry of Health to promote mental health information and advocacy. The project utilizes new media to disseminate information on mental health, illness, and substance abuse in an attempt to target the young population who are actively engaged on social media platforms.

Through its up-to-date, creative, and interactive processes, users can access contextually relevant information that can improve health-seeking behaviour toward promoting mental well-being. It is a platform where individuals can seek help for themselves and others. The handle utilized for our social media platforms is @lagosmind.


So far, the Ministry has generated a web platform with up-to-date and reliable information on mental health. This web platform ( is robust with downloadable infographics and fact sheets, as well as linkage with social media platforms and the Lagos Lifeline. This web base is sought to drive awareness among individuals who seek information through this medium, and drives a responsive pathway to facility-based interventions.

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