Integrated Mental Health Project

In the context of Lagos State’s efforts to develop and implement health policies and programmes, priority is placed not only on the needs of persons with defined mental disorders but also in protecting and promoting the mental well-being of all citizens.

Currently, the global approach to mental healthcare involves its integration into every existing healthcare systems at all levels. Therefore, increasing accessibility of service, reduction in stigmatization and improvement in awareness amongst healthcare workers is a part of the integral role which mental healthcare plays in improving health outcomes.

In keeping with the Lagos State Mental Health Strategic plan to have a society where mental well-being is the cornerstone of healthy communities, the state integrated the provision of comprehensive, integrated, and responsive community-based mental health services in 5 General Hospitals in 2018, and plans to expand the services to more facilities.

The five facilities are:

  1. General Hospital, Lagos
  2. General Hospital, Gbagada
  3. General Hospital, Ikorodu
  4. General Hospital, Epe
  5. General Hospital, Alimosho

These units are led by psychiatrists who serve a dual role of managing the service delivery to patients referred to their facilities and supervising the flagship primary health facilities within their region, in keeping with the hub and spoke model for the MeHPriC Project.

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