Who We Are


In 2011, The Ministry of Health established a Mental Health Advisory/Stakeholders’ Group to conduct a situation analysis, proffer innovative solutions and map out an implementation plan for reducing the burden of mental health problems in Lagos. This group was made up of academics, policy makers, NGOs, researchers, clinicians, and service users, with the department of Behavioural Medicine, LASUCOM forming the core of the think - tank team to bridge the gap between the town and the gown.

Thereafter, the State approved the establishment of a Mental Health Desk Office in keeping with international best practices, as advocated by the WHO – a first of its kind in Nigeria.

The desk currently serves as the focal point for policy and program development, and encourage, as well as strengthen and coordinate partnerships with Communities, NGOs, Institutions, Private Sector, and International Organizations.

Our Vision

To have a society where mental well-being is the cornerstone of healthy communities within Lagos State.

Our Mission

To promote optimal mental health through advocacy, support, education, partnerships and dynamic innovations.

Do You Know ?

Through Lagos MiND, the Lagos State Ministry of Health seeks to significantly impact thousands of lives each year by providing such services as:
  • Quality and adequate mental health assessment and treatments at the Primary Health Centers
  • Educating the public about mental health and mental illnesses to help eliminate stigma and discrimination
  • Providing accurate information and referral services, and make mental health services accessible to all
  • Delivering a range of programs and services to support individuals, families and communities in ways that help them move towards recovery.

Mental Health Speech by the Honourable Commissioner for Health, Lagos State.

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