Phone Etiquettes That Promote Good Mental Health

Often times, our state of health depends on what we consume through the media, and what we are surrounded by.

Our phones have become a significant part of our day and it is important to know how to engage with this device in a way that will promote mental wellbeing.

Our phones are the first thing we pick up in the morning, and the last thing we turn off at night. What we consume through this device significantly shapes our thoughts and behaviors.

Paying attention to this little detail can go a long way in promoting a positive mental health.

Promoting mental health require us to take active steps. It takes action to promote mental health.

Here are helpful tips for maintaining a healthy phone etiquette and promoting your mental health:

Unfollow handles that trigger you

Mute certain words and hashtags

Follow people, topics, and conversations that inspire you

Don’t personalize messages you read

Pause and reflect before sending or responding to a comment

Take social media breaks

Maintain healthy connections

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