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 Meet Your COVID Frontline Workers

Meet Your COVID Frontline Workers

HEALTH CARE WORKERS RESPONDING TO THE COVID-19 OUTBREAK Please can we get to know you? My name is Oluwatofunmi Gbenedio, I am a Medical Doctor. What is your role as a healthcare worker in dealing with COVID? My job required…


SELF-ISOLATING For Individuals Staying Alone It is well understood that being cut off from one’s normal life can be emotionally and mentally stressful. One way in which one can cope with this stress is to understand that certain events are…

Managing COVID-19 Related Stress

Managing COVID-19 Related Stress Being sick is never a good feeling, but testing positive to corona virus creates a state of mixed feelings and constant anxiety. As the corona virus continues to spread, so does the anxiety and other overwhelming…

What is COVID-19?

WHAT IS COVID-19? COVID-19 is a new type of virus under the family of the corona virus. Although there is no accurate report on the origin of the virus, it first emerged in December 2019 in Wuhan China, and has…