The Lagos State Government’s policy on Mental Health advocates for the provision of mental health services and
management of common mental health disorders.

An approval was received for the establishment of a wellness centre in the Folarin Coker Staff Clinic. The
service will be provided by psychiatrists, psychologists and social welfare officers, who would assist members of staff
identified as having behavioural health challenges.
The services to be provided include:
– Mental Health counselling
– Psychotherapy
– Initial Diagnostic assessment
– Organizational psychology
– Referrals
The centre will also provide the platform to generate data for the social support and welfare of the public servants and will be manned by health care professionals such as Psychologists, Psychiatric Nurses, and visiting Psychiatrists,and Social Welfare Officers.
The operations of the centre will be supported with personnel managing administrative and daily operations of the
The centre is called the Lagos State Wellness Centre (LASWELL Centre) with the motto, “Total Wellness for Public Servants”.
To initiate the activities in the center, two clusters of sensitization webinars were organized for the employees of Lagos State Government.
The first stream of the sensitization webinar which held on the 22nd of July 2020 was open to all civil servants, while the second stream which was open to the nominated mental health champions took place on the 24th of July 2020.
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