Controlling Anxiety Towards Change

Change is a constant and an inevitable part of life. The uncertainties that come with change can be triggers for those struggling with anxiety. They can also cause anxious feelings in people who are not experiencing anxiety.

Changes could be in the form of seeking a new job, starting a new relationship, ending a toxic relationship, getting married, leaving an abusive marriage, starting an exercise regime, travelling, going on a diet, taking an online course or moving out of your parent’s house.

The fear of change comes from either the lack of inspiration to leave a comfort zone, or the fear of having a negative outcome. This anxiety can be due to factors like childhood experiences, current socioeconomic situation, or just personal perception and negative view.

Fear and anxiety surrounding change can be managed.

Practice the tips in the post to help you manage whatever fear and anxiety you may be experiencing.


How to manage anxiety towards change

  1. Make smaller realistic goals and plans
  2. Be mindful of your commitments
  3. Always define your purpose
  4. Avoid procrastination, start now
  5. Take small consistent steps
  6. Keep healthy relationships
  7. Develop healthy routines
  8. Practice rewarding yourself at intervals
  9. Understand the things you can control, and those you cannot
  10. Remain positive and hope for the best outcome


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