Lagos Livable City Conference 2022

This conference is a sequel to the previously organized event in 2013 where the Governor of Lagos State, along with experts from a multisectoral reach, gathered to discuss, engage, and address the mental and social needs of Lagos State.

For the Year 2022, the Livable City Conference aims to chart a positive and actionable course towards providing the mental and social health assets and infrastructures needed in this rapidly developing urban environment and build an investment case for it.

The 2021 Lagos, Livable City Conference theme is “RESPONDING TO THE MENTAL HEALTH NEEDS OF A 21st CENTURY MEGACITY.”

Some of the outlined objectives of the conference are to:

  • Highlight the growing scourge of Mental Health issues in Lagos State.
  • Showcase the achievements and strategic interventions which have been employed in implementing the Lagos State Mental Health Policy.
  • Provide a forum for dialogue amongst academics, decision-makers, policy implementers, and the society to develop new policies, and redesign existing ones.
  • Provide a platform for all stakeholders to identify opportunities for strengthening investments towards a sustainable and collaborative mental health strategy in the state.
  • Proffer and harmonize multisectoral recommendations in tackling Lagos’s mental and social health needs as an urban State.

Participants will be drawn from a cross-section of the society, with both the public and private sectors well represented by top decision-makers with the right influence and expertise to drive the purpose of the engagement. In this wise, and to ensure optimum security, the conference will be done strictly by invitation with sufficient media coverage for the public’s benefit.

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